Round 2 of the M-Awards for memorable fiction.

Here are the second lot of M-Awards for memorable fiction. To find out more about these awards, check out the first series here. As usual the links on the covers take you to the Goodreads information page where you can read the blurbs, reviews, learn about the author and where you can purchase the books.

I usually read speculative fiction particularly of the YA kind, but am open to any book that has that memorable, meaningful, moving, inspiring quality that puts it in the running for an M-Award. If you know of a book that might fit the category please let me know in the comments below.

 Dark Nest by Leanna Renee Heiber  

What a brilliant novella. I loved it. Sci Fi in the nicest way. Makes you think, makes you feel deeply. Love is all powerful. Ignorance breads fear and if you believe everything you read/hear you could be making a grave mistake. A story with unexpected turns, and wow, what a beautiful man Kristov is.



No Good Deed by Mary McDonald 

 This was amazing, shocking, moving, sensitive, thought provoking and a wonderful ending. It’s not the sort of book I usually read but I had a sense that it might be something special and it is. Have you ever thought about people who might be wrongly accused of terrorism in the US? If not this will make you think about and feel for them. I will forever look at people returning to the world after incarceration of any kind with more compassion



The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

I feel that the themes in the Twilight series are valuable and important. The characters are what I call Noble – we have a guy fighting his beastliness, a man/vampire who is so dedicated to his compassionate values that he has overcome his inherent blood lust. (If we had a lot more people in the world dedicated in the same way, we’d have a lot less wars.) And we have a girl who thinks of her mum and dad before herself. And they are all real and believable.

In the following books we have action that breaks down prejudices and unites former enemies, another message for the world.


Victim of Shame by Mian Moshin Zia

This is a moving and thought provoking novel with a clear message for humanity for religious harmony. It should be read by every Christian and Muslim in the world.

Have you read these books? Do you agree they deserve this award? Do you have any suggestions for other books I should consider for next time?


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    Thanks Tahlia. The title of the book is “VICTIM OF SHAME”
    “Why me, God?” is the subtitle.
    You can read my previous internationally acclaimed book “ONCE—–Ask me anything, not Love”. It will also receive M award from you. You may check its details and reviews on my website ONCE page. It is a romantic book but it brings into discussion Christian’s love for God, Church aand pryer and some elements of Islam. It also includes 3 tailor made poems, exclusive pic gallery and an internaational team of people from US, SOUTH AFRICA, UKRAINE, MEXICO aand myself author from PAKISTAN.
    Thanks again.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Best Regards