How NOT to promote your book.


I got a promotional email this morning from an author I didn’t know (though I suspect they are one of the 200 on the Awesome Indies site that I never hear from). Unfortunately, I get quite a few of these. I usually just delete them, but this morning, I thought I’d share why it’s not a good idea to send promotional emails to just anyone.

The recipient of your unasked for promotional email opens the email and thinks:


You add me to your email list without my permission?

You send me info on your book?

What do you expect me to do with it?

Why do you think I might be interested?

Do you think I know you?

Really? Maybe we did have some contact somewhere along the line, but I did not sign up for your email list.

This kind of behavior is soooo uncool.

It’s also spam. And you don’t want to be thought of as a spammer, do you?

There are laws about this kind of thing. Such emails require that you state where the recipient signed up for the list and that you give an option for unsubscribing.

Your alternative is to send a personal email to me (with my name at the top; as in, Hi Tahlia …) saying, how you know me, why you think I might interested in your book, and what you would like me to do with the information.  Don’t expect me to buy your book. And don’t expect me to tell anyone about it unless I’ve positively reviewed another of your books, or you’re an Awesome Indies author. You also need to make it easy for me to do so. If you want it on the Awesome Indies Facebook Page, send me something designed to go on Facebook. If you want it on the blog, send it to me in ready to post HTML. Also expect me to ask you to do the same for me.

But don’t ever add me to an email list I haven’t signed up for.

This is a lesson on how NOT to promote your book.

Do you get emails like this?