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Wondering what the Awesome Indies is? Post by Chris Longmuir

I thought I'd share this post that Chris Longmuir wrote about the Awesome Indies. She puts it very well. Pop over to her blog here.  

The Awesome Indies is getting a new website, having a HUGE book sale and giving away a Kindle.

The animated giff really says it all, but I'll write it a little more conversationally and give you some background: The Awesome Indies is getting a brand new website. Tahlia Newland (coordinator), Ruthanne Reid (designer), and a team of volunteers have been working hard this past month to get ready for the opening on the [...]

Powerful and moving. ‘Checkpoint Kalandia’ – a book everyone should read.

Checkpoint Kalandia is a powerful and absorbing read, a book for our times, and one that everyone should read. It takes you into the heart and minds of a family living under Israeli occupation, and brings home the reality of the terrible constraints placed on their lives. This could be a totally miserable book, but the [...]

Good book cover formulas; guaranteed results or boring?

I've noticed recently that there's a lot of people around with strong opinions on what makes a 'good' book cover, and by 'good' they mean covers that sells books. I've been to several blogs that present good book cover formulas but they seem  stylistically weighted towards the most popular genres. Obviously there are things that not only 'work', [...]

An unexpected and humbling review.

I discovered this lovely review on Amazon. It made me wonder if I'm a better writer than I think I am.   When you’re reading a sweet, tender story of romance, you don’t expect to be on pavements with holes in them, or at bus stops, or held in the routines of the morning’s commute, and [...]

Not a book cover, but a great piece of Photoshop art.

Wow; it's almost a week since I published a blog post. That shows how busy I've been. I have been playing around with book cover ideas for Worlds Within Worlds though, and I came up with the artwork below. It started out as ideas for the cover, but I soon decided that it was actually [...]

New cover for Sacred Striptease.

One of the things I really like about being an independent author is that I can change things as things evolve.  I created the Sacred Striptease cover myself and now that I've started thinking about the cover for Worlds Within Worlds, I decided to update it to reflect what's coming with Worlds, since Sacred Striptease is an excerpt [...]

And the winners are …

You may remember that I had a competition to help me find abusive emails and reviews for my forthcoming book Worlds Within Worlds. Thanks to all of you who contributed, either in the comments or by sending me an email. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get the results back to [...]

Good book editors are artists not mathematicians

Editing is more like art than mathematics. In mathematics the rules for each problem are clear and if you follow them, you get the right answer. In art, there is no right answer and the rules are applied as the artist sees fit. Some would say that there are no rules in art, but if [...]

Ella’s unusual insomnia cure: meditation & contemplation

Ella is the central character in my soon-to-be-released novel Worlds Within Worlds.  At one point, she finds it hard to sleep, and if you have ever had difficult sleeping, the following excerpt from the book will resonate with you, and you may find Ella's unusual insomnia cure helpful.  The essence of her unusual insomnia cure is meditation [...]