Cat Diaries: Second CAT TUESDAY


Days in the life of my cat - a series by my husband C. Jay about Prince George. 2015-01-20 Second CAT TUESDAY The grey cloud descended early in the morning and rain threatened. The temperature fell to 16 degrees and the brave but wimpy moggy took one look at the long uncut damp grass outside and fled inside to hide. It was a valiant attempt, but nothing could disguise the large mound under the doona in the study. And there he remained.....all day. Fearful of a sleep interrupted evening, the intrepid owner dared to awaken the sleeping moggy who groggily emerged from his hiding place, soft and sleepy and full of purrs. Unfortunately this did not last long. After voraciously devouring his dinner the unspent energy of the day emerged and it was up to the owner to provide entertainment, or bunts and nips were to be expected. Eventually the tired owner retired to the TV lounge but a disgruntled moggy continued to hassle him. He walked over him, sat on the arm of the couch and … [Read more...]

The Boneyard: a free fantasy story


This short story is about an actual place near Kiama where I live in the Illawarra. The story was a semi finalist in the Aussiecon 4 Make Ready fantasy/scfi competition  2010. It's now part of  my short story collection: A Matter of Perception “Hurry up,” Con shouted. His voice sliced through Ellen’s morning fog. She groaned and rolled over, pulling the quilt over her head. Con poked his head into the bedroom. “Are you coming or what?” “I’m coming,” Ellen grumbled. She struggled out of bed and grabbed last night’s clothes off the floor. “I wanna see this place as much as you do, I’d just rather do it later, that’s all.” “I’m not going later.” “I know,” she growled. Why else would she be getting up before sunrise. Half an hour later, they stood in lung-searing cold staring at blocks of jagged rock silhouetted against a predawn sky. Waves crashed, splashing treachery. A briny breeze whined around the basalt forms and Ellen shivered. The rocky monoliths reminded … [Read more...]

Writing Metaphysical Fiction: The Metaphysics are not Enough

metaphysical fiction

Metaphysical fiction is one of the genres that has increased with the self-publishing revolution. Many authors are writing it, but at the moment it has a relatively small following, and the books that do well in terms of sales also fit into another more popular genre. But I believe that the genre has great potential for increasing readership, because with so many books available for so little these days, eventually the avid readers will look for something with a little more meat on it than stories written purely for entertainment. They will get sick of meaningless stories—great stories, sure, but many simply don’t add anything to the reader by way of inspiration, knowledge, awareness or any of the other qualities that mean that a reader gets more from a book than just entertainment. Indie literary fiction has the same future for the same reasons; the only thing holding it back is the sense that some readers have of literary fiction as being somewhat tedious to read, but this isn’t … [Read more...]

More art


Speaking of life being art, I spent a lot of time in the weekend on actual art. I use it as a kind of meditation. You've probably seen the mask already, but get a load of the collar. … [Read more...]

Your life is a work of art.


  We create our own reality. I’m not sure to what degree that’s true, but it is true. Life often doesn’t work out the way we want it—we don’t get the job we want, our boyfriend leaves, we get sick and so on—so we’re either working with our creative power all wrong, or factors beyond our control are at work, like what others want—I suspect a bit of both. We can’t all get what we want if what we want is opposed, so somehow the universe works it out in some kind of dance between desires and actions.  When what we want is aligned with what others want, we’re both more likely to get what we want, but even though our power over large events is limited to our place in a group karma—be it family, city, nation or world—we have a great deal of control over the smaller aspects of our life, and not just control—creative control. Our whole life is an expression of who we are. You may have no desire to express who you are, but you’re doing it anyway. Even refusing to express anything is … [Read more...]

Cute Cat column: Cat Monday – The Old Man And the Beast

What? Who me?

My daughter Rose and I recently attended a two week meditation retreat and left Prince George with my husband Chris who is unused to having to attend to his needs and keep him entertained. During this time, Chris wrote the Cat Dairies and emailed them to us each day. Today's offering is delightful, and the'postscript is hilarious.   The Old Man And the Beast The first light of morning was still trying to prize its way through the grey and damp morning when the  beast leapt. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it. With strength and precision he landed squarely on the chest of the old man. With eyes shining but teeth hidden he bunted the old man in the face. The old man felt the weight on his chest and the wet nose on his face. He glanced at the clock and cursed when he saw it was only 6am. But he also knew what he had to do. He raised his hands to preen the beast, his long gnarled fingers caressing the beast's fur in the places that he knew the beast would … [Read more...]

Friday Free Fiction: Steampunk Workshop.


Every week in Friday Free Web Fiction I post a first draft scene from my work in progress (WIP), or a short story, or an excerpt from one of my books. Today’s offering is from my Prunella Smith WIP, Past Worlds, The Lock Smith's Secret. This follows on from previous posts on Steampunk Nell.   The Workshop Nell parked her steam powered car at the back of Beth’s house, walked through the kitchen garden, down the well-worn steps to the cellar and knocked on the door. ‘Just a minute,’ came a muffled voice from inside. Nell turned from the door with its peeling green paint and scanned the Lawton’s garden while she waited in the sunshine. Hollyhocks, marigolds and daisies grew among lettuces, silver beet and beans, and a neatly pruned box hedge separated the kitchen garden from the driveway and lawn beyond. The two-story house’s sandstone walls held the heat of the day and felt warm at her back, and Nell couldn’t help wondering at the stupidity of whoever had been … [Read more...]

The Magan Mask of Power – it’s real!

2015-03-23 10.57.46

  The Magan Mask of Power appears in my book Stalking Shadows, book two of the Diamond Peak Series (a YA fantasy).  The heroine of the story must wear it to prove to a Magan (Magicians) lord that she has the power to defeat the master demon. Those who wear the mask without that kind of personal power go insane. I made the base of the mask around the time I wrote the book back in 2013, but I only finished it recently. Would you be able to wear the Magan Mask of Power? It’s designed so you can. This is it. There will never be another one like it, and it's only USD $152.57 or AUD $199  (craftspeople work for a pittance, but I meditate while I do it, so that gives it an ulterior purpose.) Buy Now I've also added a lovely new shell plaque to my masks for sale  if you'd like one of my creations for less than $20. … [Read more...]