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What makes a professional writer?

The mark of a professional in most disciplines is earning money. Once you have a job in your field you can say you’re a professional, but in the arts it’s more than that. You can earn money from your art, but if you don’t have a professional attitude, you’re not a real professional. I don’t [...]

Yay! AIA Seal of Excellence for Worlds Within Worlds

Prunella Smith: Worlds Within Worlds has just received an AIA Seal of Excellence. The question is: should the cover wear the Seal or not? With it: Without it:   Which should I use?

Top Writing Tips: Avoid starting sentences with ‘ing’ ending participles.

Starting sentences with participles, she remembered, was a mark of a hack writer. Is it? This is what Renni Brown and David King say in the chapter on sophistication in the book ‘Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Second Edition: How to Edit Yourself into Print. P193. "One easy way to make your writing see more sophisticated is [...]

AIA – what does it mean?

Visit  the Awesome Indies blog for the answer. This post is also a good run down on what the Awesome Indies does.    

Paperback out & no more epub ebooks for Worlds Within Worlds.

You can now get Prunella Smith: Worlds Within Worlds in paperback. And with it's beautiful cover, it will make a great Christmas present. It's at all Amazon stores right now.  You'll be able to pick it up very soon from The Book Depository which has free world wide shipping, and you can order it in right [...]

A beautiful children’s picture book for Christmas: The Night Before The Night Before Christmas: Jay Dee & Darren Geers

This is an excellent children’s picture book for Christmas.  The story is beautiful, written by Jay Dee in simple but elegant and evocative prose, and the illustrations by Darren Geers are beautiful, colourful without being garish and with a truly lovely light quality. The book has also been beautifully produced, nicely printed and well laid out. [...]

A 5 star Diamond Peak series review

This is my first book by Tahlia Newland and I must say this was absolutely stunning! From beginning to end I was hooked on the world, the characters and the action. Not to mention the plot twists and turns that take place. Ariel is a typical teen living with her mom until she is introduced [...]

A fantastic epic adventure series: Great review of Eternal Destiny

With all the fuss over my new release, Worlds Within Worlds, let's not forget my awesome YA series.  I just discovered this review of the final book. It's from She says this is a fantastic epic adventure series. Roxy says: "This was a fantastic epic adventure, and I have loved every minute spent on this journey, so [...]

‘Rite’s Path’ new release by Kate Policani FREE this weekend

Kate Policani is a good friend these days. I first met her several years ago after reading and being very impressed by her book 'The Disenchanted Pet'. Since then, her writing has grown and she released a revised version of the book recently. It's a great story and well worth a read. This is a [...]

Off the Beaten Track: My Crazy Year in Asia, a new travel memoir by Frank Kusy

Off the Beaten Track is a memoir of long time travel writer Frank Kusy, author of the AIA Seal of Excellence winner Rupee Millionaire. Kusy’s experience as a writer shows in the fluid, vibrant prose he uses to describe his travels in Asia in the seventies. This is an engaging story full of anecdotes that [...]