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A challenge to rethink the statement, “she was asking for it.” FREE 22nd & 23rd.

Ex-ballet dancer Lexie is a stripper on the suburban pub circuit with an unusual approach to her work. She loves her enthusiastic audiences, unless they’re like the Creep. His chilling presence reveals her vulnerability and makes her rethink her career. This short story raises important gender issues. This is a Kindle-only short story and is adapted [...]

More from awesome YA fantasy book review blogs. “I couldn’t wait to get right back into the action.”

This epic adventure continued from where book one ended and I couldn't wait to get right back into the action. By now I've gotten to know these characters pretty well and I enjoyed continuing their journey with them, with a few minor characters who appeared in book one playing a bigger role in this story, [...]

What’s in a book cover? A change gives a different perspective on an established series.

One of the great things about indie publishing is that, thanks to ebooks and Print on Demand technology, covers can be changed at any time. But why would you want to? What's in a book cover? Let’s put aside the answer that involves improving a less than professional looking cover, because we’re talking here about [...]

Top YA fantasy reads: a review from the Diamond Peak blog tour.

The latest review of Lethal Inheritance by Roxane Kade is the kind that makes an author's heart sing. Clearly this reviewer thinks that Lethal Inheritance is a one of the top YA fantasy reads, and she's right. It is. It's just relatively undiscovered as yet. A thrilling, epic adventure – this book had so much to [...]

Prunella Smith: Worlds Within Worlds, available for pre-order now.

Pre-order my new release at your local Kindle store now. When the book is released on the 30th of November , you'll get it straight away. My latest novel is metaphysical thriller, and an unusual book in many ways. If you like something different, take a look. Author and editor Prunella Smith inhabits a multilayered reality. [...]

Great YA fantasy read: A lovely review of Stalking Shadows.

The Diamond Peak blog tour is rolling along and today a review of book two came in. It's great to see people enjoying the stories. This review came from Girls Heart Books "Stalking Shadows is the second novel in The Diamond Peak Series by Tahlia Newland. Once again we are swept away on a [...]

The great book cover I am using. Why is it better than the other?

What makes a good book cover? Why have I chosen this one instead of the cover I showed you a couple of days ago? The design of the other is good, perhaps more striking in a thumbnail, but this is more intriguing. This tells you less, but suggests enough to give a sense of the [...]

New YA fantasy book reviews of Lethal Inheritance

Don't get angry or the demons will get you!, December 11, 2013 By S. Roddom "sally from oz" This review is from: Lethal Inheritance (Diamond Peak Book 1) (Kindle Edition) LETHAL INHERITANCE is the first in the YA fantasy Diamond peak series. I don’t know if author Tahlia Newland had a particular peak in her [...]

A face lift for the Diamond Peak Series.

What's to say!

A great book cover, but not the one I’m using. Huh? Why?

I came up with this great book cover for Prunella Smith: Worlds Within Worlds, but I'm not using it. In two days I'll show you the one I am using - if you're following my Facebook page, you will have seen it already, though.   So why aren't I using this one? It's a pretty [...]