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Well-characterised Steampunk: Fate War Alliance by E.M.Havens

E.M Havens has produced a wonderful book in the Fate War Alliance. It is the story of a couple in an arranged marriage as they get to know each other and eventually come to love each other. It is also the story of a woman blossoming through her husband's patient ministrations and growing understanding of [...]

Another good one from Kady Cross: Review of ‘The Girl with the Iron Touch’

Title: The Girl with the Iron Touch The Steampunk Chronicles: Book 3 Author: Kady Cross Publisher: Harlequin, Harlequin Teen Genre: Steampunk The Girl With the Iron Touch delivers the same kind of good YA steampunk read as the previous two books in this series by Cady Cross. We have the same team, Emily, Sam, Griffin, [...]

Steampunk time-travel romance review: Asher’s Dilemma by Coleen Kwan

Asher's Dilemma is a clever story about the inventor of a time machine who, with some metaphysical intervention, discovers that misuse of his machine has caused the love of his life to cease to exist.

Steampunk review: The League of Illusion: Legacy by Vivi Anna

The League of Illusion, Legacy is a fairly typical steam punk novel set in a world of dirigibles and steam cars where magic exists unknown to the majority of the world.

Steampunk review: A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz

I loved this book. It had everything I need for an enjoyable read, a plucky heroine, a handsome warlock with an air of mystery, a cute small helper—in this case a fairy—and a great story full of action, intrigue and surprises.

Review: Pilgrim in the Sky by Natania Barron

Pilgrim in the Sky is a surprising, gripping and somewhat profound contemporary fantasy. It begins in our world, takes us on a shocking journey to another, and just when we think we have it all sorted it, we find ourselves one level deeper again.

Review: Automatic Woman by Nathan L. Yocum

I ordered Automatic Woman from Netgally because I thought it was steampunk, and I like steampunk, but I didn’t like this very much, possibly because it wasn’t really steampunk, just an action story with a murderous automaton.

Review: Moonlight and Mechanicals by Cindy Spencer Pape

Moonlight and Mechanicals is a light, fun read with a great story, delightful characters, wonderful automaton pets and creepy mechanical men designed by an evil mastermind. I enjoyed it immensely.

Review: Courting Trouble by Jenny Schwartz

Courting Trouble is a delightful romance with wonderful characters and plenty of action set in Swan River Colony, Australia, in 1895. Next time you’re thinking of watching a movie, pick this up instead. It’ll take a similar amount of time and it’s great entertainment. Unlike many romances, the story doesn’t revolve completely around the issue of two people getting together. This one has a plot which makes it suitable for a much wider readership. The romance is not cloying, and is chastely in tune with the era.

Review: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar is set in an alternate version of Queen Victoria’s era where steam power and mechanics became the pervading technology, not electricity. Steampunk is the name of this genre which could also be thought of as science fiction as people in the Victorian era might have imagined it.